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A tribe for all lovers of asian horror films from any period and asian country. From "A Chinese Ghost Story", to "Ringu", to "Ju-On" to the american remakes of such films. RSS Feed what is XML?

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night club for fun  topic
I SAW THE DEVIL by genre master, KIM Jee-woon  topic
scariest movie....  topic
Favorite Asian Horror Movie  topic
13 Beloved  topic
The Isle  topic
Shutter  topic
asian horror remake?  topic
A tale of two sisters  topic
where would u set a horror movie if u were goi...  topic
Just saw Suicide  topic
Hazard" movie from Janpan this june at "another...  review
masters of horror  topic
1 missed call 2  topic
Grimface Distro  review
Nagai Yume/Long Dream still my favourite..  topic
"Nagai Yume - Long Dream"  photo flag
Long Dream  photo flag
Three Times  review
Uncle Morty's Dub Shack  review
HIKARU NO GO  review
Mongolian Ping Pong  review
Comedy Zen  review
" Forbidden Siren " film adaptation trailer  topic
The Red Shoes  topic

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